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While you sleep, the new eCharger not only refreshes your instrument‘s batteries, but also dries the hearing instruments
Rayovac Hearing Aid Batteries (Size 312) x30
30 Hearing Aid Batteries
Duracell Activair Batteries Size 10 (x30 Batteries)
30 Hearing Aid Batteries
Duracell Activair Batteries Size 13 (x30 Batteries)
30 Hearing Aid Batteries
Keyring Battery Tester
Digital Battery Tester
Rayovac Battery Tester
Phonak DECT phone battery
Replacement battery for Phonak DECT and DECT II Phones

Hearing Aid Batteries

Looking for affordable and reliable Hearing Aid Batteries?  Look no further!  Smart Hearing offer a range of hearing aid batteries to suit all budgets. We stock the following battery sizes: 312, 675, 10 & 13.

We retail PureCell and Rayovac hearing aid batteries and Duracell.  Rayovac hearing aid batteries are considered to be the market leaders in the hearing aid industry.  All of our hearing aid batteries are low cost but offer fantastic performance regardless of what brand they are.  Our hearing aid batteries are available in packs 60 hearing aid batteries.