Phonak Ambra

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 Treat yourself to the best in hearing delight

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Phonak Ambra hearing aids
Phonak Ambra is the premium flagship of the Phonak Spice Generation and offers a complete product line including a wide range of custom products as well as micro BTE and traditional BTE, accommodating mild to profound hearing losses. Phonak Ambra offers a wide range of accessories and FM possibilities, giving the convenience of wireless connectivity.
Phonak Ambra size and looks 
Phonak Ambra is available in 14 different styles. All of them are leading the industry in terms of miniaturization and performance, not to mention robustness and convenience. Each Phonak Ambra is moisture- and dirt-protected to ensure long hours of trouble-free hearing delight.
Phonak Ambra is discreet no matter what style you choose. 
                                                           Behind-the-ear                                  In-the-ear
Phonak Ambra hearing aids
Phonak Ambra Connectivity
With Phonak wireless accessories, multi media entertainment, communication and work is much more fun. TV, telephone, MP3 player, GPS and computers can be enjoyed effortlessly.  Plus, only a Phonak Ambra has DuoPhone, which lets you hear a voice on the phone in both ears –as soon as you hold the handset to your ear.   Speech clarity is impressive and background noise is reduced.  Pairing the Phonak TV Link with your Phonak Ambra brings TV sound directly to your ears, so you and your family can adjust the volume separately and enjoy watching TV together.
Phonak Ambra adapts to your environment
A Phonak Ambra can automatically adapt to the ever-changing environments of your life – from a quiet conversation to listening to music to a noisy restaurant. Of course no one knows your listening needs better than you. So sometimes you may still want to make manual adjustments. With a single push of a button, the unique FlexControl lets you choose the ideal setting. In fact, Phonak Ambra is so intelligent that the next time around it can even do it for you.

Phonak Ambra Features

  • Understanding speech
SOUND ZOOM - Enjoy a fuller spectrum of audible sounds
  • Understanding in background noise  
ULTRA ZOOM PREMIUM - Automatically zoom on voices in the front and cut out noise from the sides and back
Ultrazoom Phonak Audeo S
STEREO ZOOM - Zoom even closer on a person's voice and reduce noise further
AUTO ZOOM CONTROL - Hear well when you can't face the speaker
Auto zoom control Phonak Audeo S
NOISE BLOCK - Experience comfortable hearing
  • Understanding on the phone and other devices  
DUO PHONE - When phoning hear a caller's voice in both ears
iCOM, PHONAK TV LINK CLICK'N TALK - Connect directly to mobile phones, TV's MP3 Players etc
  • Adapting to changing environments  
SOUND FLOW PREMIUM - Enjoy seamless automatic adaptation to all sound environments
ECHOBLOCK - Experience clear sound in environments with echo
WIND BLOCK - Increase hearing comfort outdoors
WHISTLE BLOCK - Eliminate annoying whistling
FLEX CONTROL - FlexControl personalizes the automatic system, and rather than making sounds louder or softer, FlexControl changes many of the settings in your hearing instruments to adapt to the situation and make sounds more intelligible or more comfortable instead of just louder or softer. It is as easy to handle as a standard volume control.
Flex control zoom Phonak Audeo S

Phonak Ambra - created for first class hearing delight

More than satisfaction – true delight

More than just wireless – true binaural benefit

More than spontaneous acceptance – ongoing personalization

More than reduced listening effort – effortless hearing

More than improved understanding – enjoying the conversation and savoring every detail

More than extended bandwidth – actual high frequency audibility

More than just streaming – connectivity with StereoSound

More than fitting – fitting your way

First class hearing delight.

It’s effortless. It’s ongoing. It’s real.

It’s Phonak Ambra.

phonak ambra hearing aids


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