Phonak Cassia

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Phonak Cassia    

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Phonak Cassia
Phonak Cassia based on the new Spice Generation platform, offers a complete product line including a wide range of custom products as well as micro BTE and traditional BTE, accommodating mild to profound hearing losses. All products include a benchmark new feature set. Phonak Cassia offers a wide range of accessories and FM possibilities, giving the convenience of wireless connectivity 
Phonak Cassia size and looks 
Phonak Cassia is available in 10 different styles and 17 colours. All of them are leading the industry in terms of miniaturization and performance, not to mention robustness and convenience. Each Phonak Cassia is moisture- and dirt-protected to ensure long hours of trouble-free hearing delight. 
Discreet no matter what style you choose.  
                                    Behind-the-ear                In-the-ear
Phonak Ambra hearing aids
Phonak Cassia allows you to connect  
With Phonak wireless accessories, multimedia entertainment, communication and work is much more fun. TV, telephone, MP3 player, GPS and computers can be enjoyed effortlessly. 
Connecting the Phonak TVLink with your Phonak Cassia brings TV sound directly to your ears, so you and your family can adjust the volume separately and enjoy watching TV together. 
Phonak Cassia features 
Understanding speech     
SOUND RECOVER –  Through the Phonak Cassia enjoy a fuller spectrum of audible sounds 
Understanding in background noise    
ULTRA ZOOM STANDARD   – The Phonak Cassia automatically zooms on voices in the front and cut out noise from the sides and back 
NOISE BLOCK STANDARD – Through the Phonak Cassia experience comfortable hearing  
Understanding on the phone and other devices    
iCOM, PHONAK TV LINK CLICK'N TALK - Connect directly to mobile phones, TV's MP3 Players etc through the Phonak Cassia  
Adapting to changing environments    
SOUND FLOW STANDARD  – Through the Phonak Cassia enjoy seamless automatic adaptation to all sound environments  
WHISTLE BLOCK   – The Phonak Cassia eliminates annoying whistling 
Phonak Cassia zoom technology 
The new Phonak Cassia makes understanding even more effective thanks to further  improvements in the exclusive zooming technology: 
Ultra Zoom Standard 
In noisy situations with several people talking around you, UltraZoom automatically zooms to the voices coming from the front. Noise from the side and back is cut out. 
Phonak Cassia 


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