What is a Wax Guard?

Ear wax build-up can cause your hearing aid to underperform.  Daily use can cause the wax to work its way into the tube of your hearing aid and either, fully or partially block sound output.  In-The-Ear (ITE) hearing aids are more susceptible to wax problems due to their placement deep in the ear canal.

By using a wax guard you can protect your ITE hearing aid from ear wax build-up, and maintain its performance.

When should I change my wax guard?

Changing your wax guard varies from person to person, so, we recommend you change it if you can visibly see a build-up of wax, or you notice the performance of your hearing aid deteriorates.  We suggest you check it on a daily basis.

Which wax guards do we sell?

Oticon NoWax, Phonak Smart Guard, Cerustop Wax Guard, GN Resound Wax Guard (Red and Blue), Siemens c-guard and the Starkey Waxceptor (please note this wax guard's design has now changed)

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Wax Guards